2 Common Causes of Small Fiber Neuropathy and Who to Turn to for Help in AZ

Do you experience a tingling or numbness in your feet that feels like it is gradually progressing upwards? Are sensations of pins-and-needles, burning, and/or coldness beginning to be a routine part of your day? Have you been following home remedies to help reduce or alleviate the pain you are feeling but find that the symptoms are increasingly becoming overwhelming? If any of these situations apply to you, then you may have small fiber neuropathy. Here are two common causes of this condition and who you should turn to for treatment.


One of the most common causes of small fiber neuropathy is diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes can be an unfortunate consequence of this particular condition. Managing your blood glucose levels, performing daily exercise routines, and eating healthy may help reduce the symptoms you are feeling.

Vitamin B-12

Another common cause of small fiber neuropathy is a deficiency of vitamin B-12. A lack of this essential vitamin will cause damages to the myelin sheath, the component that protects the nerves.

Who You Should Visit for High-Quality Care

Perhaps you do suspect that you have this particular condition and are now searching for a center that offers small fiber neuropathy treatment in Surprise, AZ, but are unsure how or where to start. When searching for the leading experts that provide the best small fiber neuropathy treatment in Surprise, AZ, consider choosing a center that has been providing high-quality care for several years. Choosing this type of center will help ensure you are provided with the best treatment options possible to help you find relief.