3 Tips For a Better Kitchen Design to Start Your Hampton Remodeling Project

When you want to create a classic kitchen design in Hampton, it helps to get a few tips from experienced contractors. There are small issues that can make a big difference when it comes to the construction of your new kitchen. While you should work closely with your own contractor, here are a few ideas to help you create a better remodeling plan for your kitchen.

Wait to Order Countertops

It’s easy to assume that the dimensions on your plans are accurate, but those measurements may change once the cabinets are installed. If you order countertops based off of the plans, you may have mismatched dimensions for your classic kitchen design in Hampton. Instead, wait until the cabinets are installed and take new measurements before ordering countertops.

Rethink Keeping Your Existing Floor

Some homeowners try to save money by keeping their existing flooring, but this is another issue that can lead to problems with your modern classic kitchen design in Hampton. If your new cabinets take up less floor space than your old cabinets, you’ll end up with gaps that aren’t covered by your flooring. You’ll either have to plan to install cabinets with the same dimensions or install new flooring that will eliminate the gaps.

Add a Kitchen Office

A feature people often wish they had considered in advance is adding a small office nook to their modern classic kitchen design in Hampton. You won’t need to sacrifice much space to add a small office to your kitchen. You’ll just need enough room for a desk or countertop and chair. You can add outlets, lighting, and a jack for internet access to complete the work area.

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