2 Types Of Metal Strapping And A Company That Offers Both In Delaware

Metal strapping is typically used by the logistics industry during the shipping and delivery process of an object or objects. Specifically, metal strapping is used to band large and heavy materials or equipment, as they are highly durable because of steel’s rigid characteristics. There are two main types of metal strapping, stainless and galvanized.

Here is a quick in-depth look at both types of metal strapping and their uses.

Stainless Steel Strapping

As its name indicates, stainless steel strapping does not stain. This means it will not corrode, oxidize, or rust. Stainless steel typically consists of carbon, chromium, and iron. Stainless steel strapping is suitable in packaging applications even when exposed to high humidity, such in the case where an object will be stored inside a warehouse or a package that will be temporarily exposed to the elements.

Galvanized Steel Strapping

Galvanized steel is similar to stainless steel as it will not rust or corrode. As its appearance indicates, when looking at galvanized steel strapping you are actually looking at pure zinc. This particular metal strapping goes through a hot dipping process to apply a top coat of zinc for its finish, giving it an appearance of armor on top of steel. Galvanized steel strapping is typically used in applications to strap conduit, pipes, and other heavy-duty objects that will be constantly exposed to the weather.

Metal Banding Supplier

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