3 Signs Your New Haven CT Property Contains Large Amounts of Asbestos

In the past, no one was aware of the dangers associated with asbestos. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to asbestos and the dust it produces can cause a condition known as asbestosis. It’s important to understand if someone is dealing with this problematic condition. Here are three common signs someone is dealing with asbestosis.

Severe Coughing

Many bouts of asbestosis start after someone breathes in asbestos. This mineral can wreak havoc on the human body, especially the lungs. If severe coughs begin randomly taking place, it’s time to contact asbestos removal services. To find out if this dangerous mineral is present in a home or business, contact a company providing an asbestos inspection in New Haven, CT.

Having Trouble Swallowing

The damage that asbestos causes to the human body doesn’t only affect the lungs. Many people who are dealing with asbestosis often experience problems swallowing. Unfortunately, this problem will only worsen if someone continues inhaling asbestos. Consider scheduling an asbestos inspection in New Haven, CT, for help with this problem.

Weight Loss

Asbestosis can affect the body in many ways. Considering that, another sign of asbestos exposure takes place when someone begins losing weight. Dealing with unexpected weight loss is an understandable cause for concern. Fortunately, this problem might begin to fix itself after professionals inspect and remove asbestos.

In closing, the presence of asbestos is a serious problem that can cause many health issues. For help from a company that provides asbestos removal services,