3 Ways You Can Use Pressure Washing to Beautify Your Seattle Home

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Cleaning Services

As you look around your home, you might not realize how many different areas can benefit from pressure washing in Seattle, WA. While the highly pressurized flow of water can damage some surfaces, it’s also highly effective in cleaning other surfaces. Knowing where you can safely use pressure washing around the exterior of your home can help you restore the brilliance of your curb appeal.

Clean Your Home’s Siding

If your home has painted or stained wood siding, a pressure washer will remove that paint. However, you can use this type of service more safely to clean vinyl or aluminum siding. It’s also effective in washing grime, dirt, and grease stains off of brick and concrete surfaces. Don’t be afraid to use pressure washing to clean the exterior walls of your home.

Speed Up Your Exterior Renovation

As previously mentioned, pressure washing can strip away paint, stain, and other coatings. If you want to repaint a flat surface, using a pressure washer is one of the best ways to prepare the surface. It will clean the surface as it removes the old coatings.

Clean Your Deck or Patio

You can use pressure washing in Seattle, WA to rinse away the grime and debris that collects on your deck or patio. A professional service will know how to use pressure washing equipment to rinse the grime away safely to ensure surrounding surfaces or property features aren’t affected. For instance, they can clean your deck without flushing dirty water toward your swimming pool.

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