A Comprehensive Program For Cockroach Pest Control in Peachtree City GA

When cockroaches invade a home, the residents typically are disgusted and perhaps even horrified. The sight of these big bugs scurrying under appliances and closet doors is very disturbing. Homeowners may call for professional pest control, as soon as possible to eradicate the infestation.

American Cockroaches

Two species of cockroaches, commonly called roaches, are most prevalent in this area: the German and the American cockroaches. The American ones are much bigger, at around 2 in. long on average. One main reason these particular bugs can be a health hazard is because they like to hide in sewer lines. From there, they may crawl onto kitchen countertops and get into food. American cockroaches are considered a risk for spreading salmonella and other diseases.

A Comprehensive Program

A comprehensive program for cockroach pest control in Peachtree City GA, has several steps. The workers first verify the species that have invaded the home and then provide recommendations on preventive measures for the future. Successful treatment usually is accomplished with bait traps, but technicians may add insecticide in places where roaches tend to hide.

A pest control worker will come back to the home in a few weeks for another treatment that targets any immature roaches that may have hatched. This stage of their life cycle is known as the nymph. Once the nymphs are gone, the home should be free of roaches in the future as long as the residents continue with preventive techniques.