A New Way to Make Taking Blood Pressure Fun and Less Intimidating

Some individuals may not want to purchase a blood pressure monitor, but now, manufacturers make this necessary medical product more inviting, and certain healthcare settings can benefit from the new styles also. The blood pressure cuff case makes all the difference in these monitors.

Solid Colors

Nurses, technicians, and other caregivers can find cuffs and machines in a rainbow of colors today. Some are bright and cheerful, such as teal and ceil blue, but if the situation calls for something neutral, there are monitors and cases in forest green and dark blue.

Medical Symbols

For an individual that wants something professional but different, manufacturers designed a few styles with repeating patterns of medical symbols. Some of the markings are awareness ribbons in various colors and hospital supplies, such as scissors and stethoscopes.

Animal Themes

There are several pastels and purple-themed cuffs that young people might like. Purple cases with pink and white unicorns and a pink machine and cuff with white llamas and green cacti are available. Owl lovers will enjoy the bright blue monitor covered in colorful cartoon owls.


If you are searching for a neutral but interesting blood pressure cuff case, consider the space theme. Galaxies and stars are popular neutral patterns, and these are available in blue, black, and deep purple.


The traditional monitor is black, and most people are used to seeing a black blood pressure cuff case and sleeve. In some practical settings or if a person is uncomfortable with change, this all-black style is familiar and welcoming.