A Wider Stance and Better Jeep JKU Handling With Wheel Spacers

The Jeep Wrangler JKU belongs to a family of premium off-roading vehicles, which have gained a reputation as being among the most durable and reliable vehicle brands available. Jeeps also have the luxury of plenty of aftermarket support and upgrades that level up performance. Among those upgrades are wheel spacers.

What Do Spacers Do?

Jeep JKU Wheel Spacers are, in essence, made to widen the Jeep’s wheelbase. They’re also good facilitators for installing larger tires upgrades and adjusting the offset for the installation of different wheel types.

Benefits of Spacers for a Jeep JKU

Tire grip is important for off-roading in a Jeep Wrangler JKU, and the correct tires for the terrain play a part. This includes tire size. Customizing wheel size involves sufficient wheel clearance, which is what wheel spacers provide.

A wider wheelbase, enabled by Jeep JKU wheel spacers, also changes the vehicle’s look and feel. A wider wheelbase gives a Jeep JKU a more rugged look, and it enhances the Jeep JKU’s handling.

A wider stance effectively means a lower practical center of gravity that helps with off-road stability and smooths out rides when driving around turns, even when staying with factory tires.

Go Beyond With Wheel Spacers

Best Jeep JKU wheel spacers are easy to install, provide for a sturdy wider stance, and maintain tire clearance by keeping tires from hitting the frame. A Jeep Wrangler JKU is one of the most enjoyable and reliable ways to get from point to point. Jeep JKU spacers make it possible to go further.