After-Hours Care for the Illnesses and Injuries of Childhood

Murphy’s Law prevails during childhood. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong – especially after business hours or on the weekend. Your child can be fine all day at school, then suddenly a rash will break out. Of course, the pediatrician’s office closed two hours ago. Now what? Urgent care in Orlando, FL, may be your answer.

What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is simply care for urgent illnesses and injuries that may occur during the evening or weekend hours. Perhaps your child woke up on Saturday morning with a fever. Maybe the evening hours came, and she developed a cough that will not ease up and she can’t sleep. Urgent care is a great alternative to going to a crowded emergency room where you may spend hours waiting to see a doctor. The staff of professionals may include nurses, pediatric physicians, and nurse practitioners. The medical professionals can assess the situation, give medications, fix bumps and bruises, and diagnose coughs and illnesses.

Think of the things children mainly suffer from: pink eye, coughs, colds, the flu, viruses, and bumps and cuts. The office staff can handle diagnosing and treatment of ear infections, lacerations, mysterious skin rashes, and fevers. If an injury is out of their scope, they will immediately refer you to the emergency room for further treatment.

Why Use Urgent Care?

There are several reasons that parents choose to use urgent care. It is cheaper than the emergency room. You never have to have an appointment. The waiting areas are clean and child-friendly (versus the ER with germs and sticky floors). The wait times are faster. Most cases involving children can be handled effectively by the urgent care of Orlando, FL, and other areas.

The next time your child complains of a headache or stomachache, or if an accident occurs and she needs treatment, consider your local urgent care center before taking her to the emergency room.

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