Applying For Free Government Smartphones in Nevada

Trying to stay connected and informed in today’s world is extremely difficult if you do not have a mobile phone. Landline phones and old styles of message systems limit your ability to respond to calls from friends, family, employers, and to stay on top of what is going on in your world.

In Nevada, people who qualify can receive a free government phone as part of the Lifeline Assistance Program. This program was set up by the federal government in 1985. While originally designed to help individuals offset the cost of landline phones, it now provides qualified people in the state with free government smartphones.

Online Application

People can apply for free government smartphones online through the phone carrier’s website. This is a simple process that requires just a few pieces of information to determine eligibility for the program.

If it is not possible to apply online for a free government phone Nevada can visit a local outlet for the phone carrier or call in and have an agent assist with the application.

Ways to Qualify

The Lifeline Assistance Program is designed to help low-income individuals qualify for free government smartphones. To meet the criteria for the program, you must have a combined total household income at or below 135% of the FPG (Federal Poverty Guidelines).

Individuals who are already participating in specific government assistant programs such as Section 8 housing, SSI, Medicaid, SNAP, Veteran’s Pension, or Survivors Pension programs are also eligible. Individuals accessing eligible programs for residents of federally recognized tribal lands will also qualify for free smartphones in the state.

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