Autumn Residential Pest Control in Newnan GA Prevents Infestations by Bugs and Mice

Autumn in Wisconsin is a pleasant time of year, with colorful leaves and moderate temperatures in the range of what locals call “jacket weather.” Autumn does commonly have one negative aspect, which is the tendency of various little critters trying to get inside homes. Mice, spiders and lady beetles all seek shelter from the cooler temperatures and their instinctive sense that winter is on the horizon. Residential pest control can help homeowners when infestations of spiders and beetles become too annoying, or when mice are finding their way into the house.

Spiders and ladybugs are relatively harmless, but people generally don’t want numerous bugs taking up residence in the home. Depending on the outside environment, spiders that enter the building can be of a relatively alarming size. Many people are at least a little scared of these critters, especially the bigger ones. When it comes to lady beetles, most people aren’t bothered by one or two of these little red and black insects, but groups of them gathering in corners aren’t welcome.

It’s the mice that usually make a home’s residents feel more upset. The creatures leave trails of waste behind, and they can be heard climbing around inside walls, under floors and in crawl spaces. People who live on the rural property and are gone a lot for work or other reasons may wind up with mice infestations that are difficult to eradicate. Companies that provide residential pest control in Newnan GA have effective solutions for these customers.

For people dealing with a rodent infestation, mice seem to be relentless and infinite in number. Pest control technicians from a company such as Turin Pest Control evaluate the entire perimeter of the building and seal up possible points of entry. House mice can squeeze in through cracks and tiny holes that homeowners never imagine would be a problem. Vents cannot be completely covered, but screens can be added. A dryer vent screen will need to be cleaned regularly to remove lint. From this time forward, homeowners can do their own walk-around each fall and use weatherstripping or caulk to seal any areas that have developed flaws over the year.