Baking Supplies to Have on Hand in New York for Decorating Layer Cakes

Thanks to the availability of baking supplies that are sold online, even novice bakers can easily decorate layer cakes. You no longer have to rely on using a dinner plate and a table knife to spread frosting around and on top of your cake. You can now use supplies like professional turntables that will make the icing job easier and faster.

Rather than search your local stores for these baking supplies, however, you can order them online and have them delivered to your front door. You can even get them sent to you within the hour if you live in the local delivery area.

Icing Made Easy

Frosting a layer cake can be a challenge if you were stack it on a dinner plate or cutting board and then use a kitchen knife for spreading the icing. You have to manually turn the plate to spread the icing on the layers. Alternatively, you could walk around the plate as you work the icing around all sides of the cake.

The knife likewise does not do a great job in spreading the icing. It fails to spread it evenly and can cause ridges in the frosting that ruin the look of the cake.

Rather than get a lopsided cake that is marked with knife ridges, you can use professional turntables to turn the cake evenly as you ice. You can also buy a cake spatula online that will spread the icing evenly and give you a smooth and even look for your cake.


If you live in the New York area, you can have the cake decorating supplies delivered within an hour to your front door. Otherwise, they can be shipped via the mail to your home or work.

You can find out more about professional turntables online. Contact NY Cake Baking Supply Store Yonkers Warehouse.