Can Regenerative Medicine Help Shoulder Pain in Columbia, South Carolina

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Health & Fitness

Shoulder injuries can happen for several different reasons. Shoulder injuries will often consist of pain, swelling, and mobility issues. Shoulder treatment in Columbia, SC often includes medication and surgery. Both of these can be risky and may not help. Regenerative medicine may be the best choice for the treatment of shoulder issues.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is the practice of making a persons own body heal itself. Regenerative medicine helps to health the body on a cellular level. Good cells will get rid of damaged cells, or damaged cells will heal themselves. Regenerative medicine is usually done by supplements or injections, depending on the specific ailment. The treatment is tailor made for the person and consists of all natural ingredients. There will be no side effects and most people feel pain relief immediately with complete movement within two to four weeks.

Is Regenerative Medicine for Everyone?

Yes, most people are a good candidate for regenerative medicine. If they are looking for a natural shoulder treatment in Columbia, SC , they should make an appointment with a regenerative medicine specialist. At the appointment, they will take a look at the persons medical history.

They will look at what damage has been done to their shoulder by looking at MRIs, x-rays, and other testing the person has had. They will then physically examine the shoulder themselves and come up with a treatment option that will work to ensure that the person is able to experience pain relief from their shoulder pain.

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