There is a slew of classic American jazz singers that have impacted the genre. This male dominated genre surprisingly enjoys a wide range of female artists that lead when it comes to classic American jazz singers. Female jazz artists have the vocals that pull all the sounds together perfectly and deliver the type of entertainment that is simply unforgettable

The Classics
Now you may hear from some modern critics that jazz is a dead genre because all the classic American jazz singers have passed on but that is only because they have not really discovered today’s new classic jazz singers like:

  • Sylvia Brooks
  • Cassandra Wilson
  • Melody Gardot
  • Mary Halvorson
  • And more

You do not have to be a super fan of jazz to enjoy the silky smooth sounds of a well trained voice that can do amazing things. Jazz is an American genre that delivers the punch that you want from entertainment. It has all the parts that make music enjoyable. From the live bands to the sultry sirens at the microphone, jazz is still very much alive and still very much sought after by new fans every day.

It’s the Perfect Storm
Very few genres can come together like American jazz, the classic jazz singer is the ingredient that brings it all together. The talented musicians enhance the vocalists sound while the vocalists elevate the talent of the musicians. Jazz is truly the perfect storm. Today the new classic jazz vocalists are perfectly on trend with true music lovers. Sylvia Brooks is a perfect example of what a jazz vocalist should bring to the stage. You can listen to her stirring musical renditions of all the classic jazz and some of her new stuff by purchasing her CD or catching her in one of her upcoming appearances!