Clearing Debris And Preparing Your Trees For Future Storms In Oshkosh

After a storm, there could be severe tree damage that could need to be removed from your yard. Some of the trees in your yard might need to be removed or trimmed to prevent damage to your home in the future. When discussing storm damage services Oshkosh WI companies offer, you can review the age of the trees as well as why they were damaged.


As soon as it’s safe to do so, you need to inspect the trees in your yard that are closest to your home. These are usually the ones that pose the biggest threat and that could break and damage your roof or other components of your property. If you notice any power lines down because of fallen trees, then you need to contact your local utility company.

Small Debris

Once you’ve made sure there is no emergency situation, then you can begin picking up some of the smaller limbs and twigs in your yard. You can then talk about storm damage services Oshkosh WI companies provide and how larger debris from trees will be cleared from your property. You can sometimes get pieces of wood turned into chips that can be used for landscaping or use the wood for a fire outside or inside your fireplace.

Healthy Trees

A professional company can help treat your trees so that they are as healthy as possible. You can use fertilizer around the base of the tree and have someone prune the branches so that there is less weight on the tree during a storm.

Learn more about caring for trees after a storm by contacting Fox Valley Tree Care.

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