Columbia Auto Maintenance Services That Are Commonly Overlooked

Your car is a complex machine that is made up of many interdependent systems. Therefore, it’s important to keep all these systems running in good condition to ensure your car always provides reliable service. While common auto maintenance items, such as oil changes and tire rotations, are well-known, there are other auto services in Columbia, MO, that are often overlooked, yet no less important. To ensure you’re taking care of your whole car, check to see if you’ve had these services performed lately.

Fluid Flushes
In your vehicle, there are many different fluids that keep the different systems operating correctly. You’ve got brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, motor oil, and potentially others, depending on your vehicle. While motor oil gets all the attention, these other fluids need to be flushed and changed on a regular basis, as well. Just as with motor oil, the other fluids can pick up contaminants and break down, over time, causing them to be less effective than when they were first added. To ensure maximum safety and performance, then, fluid flushes should be part of your auto services in Columbia, MO.

Spark Plugs
While modern spark plugs are more durable than ever, they do eventually need to be replaced. Dirty and worn spark plugs may spark less effectively, which can negatively affect the combustion in your engine. This can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your engine and hurt your fuel economy. When replacing your spark plugs, it’s important to use the best spark plugs that fit in your budget, as higher-grade spark plugs will help your engine run more efficiently.

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