Common Options for Successful Fingernail Fungus Treatment in Kenosha, WI

Fungi can infect your nails relatively easily. You can encounter this infectious agent while working in the soil or around certain home improvement materials. You can also contract it from another person who has nail fungus.

When you want to get rid of yours, you need to undergo fingernail fungus treatment in Kenosha, WI. These treatment options are among the most common that are available to you today.

Anti-fungal Gel

One of the most common options that you have is using an anti-fungal gel on your nail. The gel soaks down into the top layers of your nail. It gets underneath the nail bed and kills the fungus where it originates.

This treatment requires you to use the gel for several weeks until your nail heals. You also need to keep your nail clean and dry for the treatment to be successful.

Nail Removal

You also have the option of having the infected fingernail surgically removed. This treatment is often warranted for more extensive infections. It also remains an option for cases that do not respond to topical treatments like using gel on the nail.

You can decide what treatment that you want to pursue by contacting and consulting with an experienced doctor who offers fingernail fungus treatment in Kenosha, WI. You can find out more about your available treatment options by doing some research online. You can also contact the Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers or click here to know more.