Common Reasons Buyers of Old Houses Need Plumbing Repairs in Bellingham WA

When people decide to buy an old house, it’s important to know the plumbing issues that are most common with these structures. If most or all of the original plumbing is still in place, Plumbing Repairs in Bellingham WA may become necessary early on. The new owners might decide to call in a plumber to inspect the system and make recommendations for preventive strategies.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are some of the most common reasons owners of old houses call for Plumbing Repairs in Bellingham WA. One of the most frequent problems develops under sinks at the P-joint. The previous owners may have simply placed a bucket underneath, especially if the leak was a relatively slow one. The situation tends to get gradually worse, however, and should be fixed to prevent water damage from overflowing pails.

Slow Drains

If any drains are running slowly and the water takes too long to flow away, a plumber should inspect the drain and pipe underneath. Especially since the new homeowners don’t know the history of the equipment, it’s important not to start making attempts to clear the blockage with harsh chemicals or a mechanical snake. The pipe may have already been damaged by those activities in the past.

Tree Roots in the Sewer Line

A plumber with a company such as Bode’s Electric can perform another preventive service by inspecting the sewer pipe and seeing whether any tree roots have grown into the system. This is a common problem on properties with old, well-established trees. The joints between each section of the sewer pipe can become a bit loose during normal earth settling, allowing roots to grow into the pipes as they seek fertilizer and water.

Old Water Heaters

The new owners will want to figure out how old the water heater is too. Most of these appliances only last for about 15 years, but some chug along much longer. A very old water heater is a significant risk of springing a leak and causing water damage in the home. If the previous owners had not replaced this appliance within the past 15 or 20 years, doing so should be a priority.