Common Signs That Indicate You Need to Get Your Furnace Repaired

Most people know that something is wrong with their furnace as soon as it doesn’t turn on! However, there are also more subtle signs that indicate you need to get your furnace repaired. Here are several things to look out for:

Electric Bills Are Too High

It is normal for your electric bills to go up during the winter. However, a steep increase could be caused by your furnace. Your furnace is probably not working as efficiently as it should.

Loud Furnace Noises

Your furnace should run quietly. If it is making noise, then you might have a part that is loose or damaged. A part that is damaged or out of place will cause a lot of harm to your system if it is not fixed.

Weak Air Flow

Hot air should come on full blast when the furnace turns on. If the air flow is weak, then you likely need to have some repairs done. There may be a problem with the belt, fan, or motor.

Your Heating System Is Leaking

A minor leak can cause a lot of damage. That is why if you notice any water coming from your furnace, then you will need to contact a professional as soon as possible.

Frequent Cycling

Your furnace should not turn on and off constantly. This is a problem that is known as over-cycling. A professional will need to identify what is causing your furnace to over-cycle.

Thermostat Problems

Your thermostat has to work properly, or your furnace will not be able to function. If you are having a problem with the thermostat, then you should try to replace the batteries first. Call a professional if the problem persists.

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