Companies That Manufacture a Good Open Coil Heater Can Customize it to Meet Your Needs

by | Jul 11, 2024 | Automotive

There are many advantages of an open coil heater, but they can also come with added features that make them even more useful to your business. The heaters are very popular and can utilize either nickel/chrome or even iron-based alloys. With these heaters, you get controllable electric heat for various applications, including residential, industrial, and commercial applications.

They tend to last for a very long time and are both compact and economical to use. Once you learn about all of the advantages of this type of heater, you’ll understand why they’re so popular.

Available with Many Options

A well-made open coil heater usually comes with options you can add on if you like, including thermo-cutoffs (TCO), different types of power cords, thermostats, and external lead termination, among others. They can accommodate temperatures from 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit to around 2,190 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the alloy you’re using, and can usually be developed at a cost that’s lower than normal. These are just a few of their many advantages.

When You Need a Heater That Accommodates High Temps

If you need a heater that can accommodate very high temperatures, a good open coil heater is a good option. In general, the heaters are reasonably priced, although the price does depend on features such as size, wire gauge, the various components used, and the type of form preferred, among other things. If you’d like to learn more about them, you can check them out online or contact a company that makes them.

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