Considering the Personal Interests of Memory Care Residents in East Lake, FL

Adult children of a parent with dementia may decide at some point to move this person to a memory care community. There, the elderly individual receives the necessary attention to stay safe and as healthy as possible. When choosing residential family care services in East Lake, FL, it’s important to consider the loved one’s values and interests. People often continue to care about these aspects even when dealing with cognitive problems.

The best family care services in East Lake, FL provide activities designed to stimulate cognitive abilities. Those offering a broad range of options have ways to keep all residents content with their living arrangements.

Men and women who love animals but can no longer properly care for a dog or cat will appreciate living in a community offering pet therapy. Someone who loves music will respond positively to music therapy. Some residential communities provide art supplies and playbooks to encourage creativity.

The family might have realized their loved one was becoming more withdrawn living at home. Moving to memory care provides opportunities for making new friends and having fun socializing.

Even when someone is experiencing cognitive decline, that doesn’t always mean the person has lost interest in spending time outside. This community resident might still enjoy playing board or card games and engaging in physical fitness activities. Someone who liked cooking and baking might have needed to stop doing these activities. This person will appreciate being able to help a community’s culinary team with meal preparation. Residents begin to feel purposeful and fulfilled again.