Dining Out in Monterey is an Intimate Experience You Won’t Forget

Monterey, California is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Rich in history, today, this quintessential city on the California Coast is known the world over as a mecca of fine food and wine.

Monterey is known for its local food and wine festivals, as well as its fine restaurants. Of course, Pacific seafood is a big part of the local fare, as well as many fine Monterey steak restaurants. You’ll also find the very best vintages from California’s acclaim wine country. Dining out in Monterey is an experience to share with those you love.

While Monterey has many fine restaurants to choose from, if you’d like to make your experience really special, choose a place with real, Pacific Coast atmosphere. The Monterey area was originally settled through Mexican land grants, and ta few of he old haciendas have been converted to Monterey steak restaurants. These venerable old haciendas have a warm, romantic atmosphere that will make intimate get-togethers all the more special. Also, the Monterey peninsula has a long history of fishing; a seafood restaurant along the piers will be a memorable experience for your out of town visitors.

Whether you live on the Monterey peninsula or are a visitor, experiencing the unique, local fare is an ever-evolving experience. There is always something new, and something fresh, to delight your senses. Dining out in Monterey is an opportunity to spend quality time with the people you cherish.

Tarpy’s Roadhouse in Monterey serves five-star comfort food in a hacienda setting of lush gardens and rustic stone patios. www.tarpys.com