Do You Need to Speak to a Pediatric Urologist in Stephenville, TX?

If your child has bedwetting problems, you may need to schedule an appointment with an urologist. If you speak to an urologist who specializes in treating children, you can get to the bottom of any bedwetting problem.

Addressing a Bed Wetting Problem

Children can wet the bed for one of various reasons. By speaking to a pediatric urologist in Stephenville, TX, you can address the problem and find a way to stop the activity. While bedwetting is not a serious medical disorder, you still need to practice patience and understanding.

What the Statistics Reveal

According the statistics provided by pediatric urologist specialists, about 20% of children five years of age wet the bed. That number decreases with age. Statisticians point out that even young people, 14 to 16 years old may have problem with this condition.

What Constitutes a Problem?

Therefore, the sooner you speak to a pediatric urologist about your child’s bed wetting, the better. While specialists in the field differ in their opinions, children who have primary nocturnal enuresis, usually have wet the bed for six months consecutively. In many cases, the problem will resolve over time.

Where to Obtain Help

If there is a problem with bed wetting, it is because a child is not aware that his or her bladder is filling as well as emptying. He or she may not be able to voluntarily stop urination. In some cases, a child may have reduced bladder capacity or may be under emotional stress. No parent or child should have to go through this situation if it can be helped. By taking early measures, you can ensure a quick resolution to the problem. If you have a child who wets the bed, learn more about the condition by contacting Stephenville Medical & Surgical Clinic, P.A. today.