Don’t be Bugged by Bed Bugs

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Pest Control Service

So, how did you sleep last night? Did you have any guests? How about uninvited and unwanted guests, like bed bugs? If so, then you need to take action now and call Dynamic Pest Control, your source for Bed Bug Treatment in Toms River NJ.

Just one night is enough for them to wear out their welcome. Bed bugs turn you into the midnight buffet. Then, they leave behind nasty bite marks that you may want to scratch the next morning. Those bites last the day, and they’re annoying! Oh, by the way, don’t scratch those bites. Seek medical treatment to be sure it’s nothing more serious and call 732-399-5100. Or, contact Dynamic Pest Control online for a quote to rid your place of those pesky critters.

We are experts in removing intruding insects from your humble abode or your workplace. Yes, that’s right. Bed bugs wind up in businesses…we’ve seen them. The methods we use to rid your home and business involve heat treatment, chemical treatment, and K9 detection. That’s right; we have a K9 to find your bed bugs. Giada is our bed bug detection K9 who will sniff out where they are so we can give your bed bugs the boot.

This is not a job for the DIYer. If your place has bed bugs, you need to call in the professionals. The old treatment methods no longer work because bed bugs are practically immune to them. Leave this job to Dynamic Pest Control, your experts for Bed Bug Treatment in Toms River NJ.

The fact is that even the cleanest home or business can become infested. Proactive measures help, though when they appear they can also multiply quickly. So, don’t fool around with ineffective over-the-counter methods. Contact Dynamic Pest Control.

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