Here is some general information about EOLA, a Critical Power Company.

What is EOLA Power?

EOLA Power is a company that helps places such as banks, hospitals, military bases, and data centers that are in need of critical power at times when general power is not available.

What are the services that EOLA Power offers?

As a Critical Powering company, EOLA Power offers different kinds of services. Here are some of the services that are available:

– UPS All-in-one Solutions

– Battery Testing & Replacement

– Data Center Commissioning

– Automatic Transfer Switch

– Power Distribution

– Rectifiers/Battery Chargers

The most important one that is listed above would be Power Distribution. When any form of natural disaster strikes your place, you will need power to survive because usually, general power gets knocked out. EOLA Power offers Power Distribution which is a form of Uninterruptible Power Supply.

EOLA power also offers UPS All-in-one solutions. This means that most of the brands that are affiliated with UPS have access to Uninterruptible Power Supply no matter the time of day. The UPS affiliation also gives an advantage because the engineers at EOLA are highly skilled engineers. This means that if an outage occurs, engineers will work to solve!

EOLA Power also offers data transferring services. Data transferring services are another way of EOLA Power helping you make sure that company data or personal will not be lost due to a sudden power outage. Data transferring is another form of Uninterruptible Power Supply.