Even a Small Fire Can Devastate Your Home in Pocatello Idaho

A devastating fire is every homeowner’s worst nightmare; it can cost you everything. Even in the event, a fire doesn’t completely destroy your home, the damage will be significant. From relatively minor smoke damage to melted vinyl siding, even a small fire will damage your home in ways you never imagined. Fire restoration services in Pocatello, ID, provide a vital service to the community.

Smoke Damage

Cleaning a smoke-damaged house is essential if your home is to be a healthy living environment for your family. The acidic quality of smoke damage, as well as soot, makes them difficult to get rid of. Soot and smoke not only create an unpleasant odor, but they also create microscopic particles that are harmful to breathe. Completely cleaning your home of soot and smoke damage is essential for not only your health but that of your family and pets.

Water Damage

Obviously, putting out a fire can cause water damage to your home. Water damage also can cause health problems, due to contaminated water and the potential for mold growth. Any standing water must be removed, and the entire area thoroughly dried and sanitized.

Removing Damaged Items

Fire and water not only damage the house structure but everything in it. Burnt or damaged furniture, clothing, and toys must be removed. While losing your valued possessions is very sad, you’ll have to let it all go, in order to start over.

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