Get Out of Jail in No Time at All With a Bail Bondsman in Tempe, AZ

Everything about getting arrested and booked into jail is horrible. Having to stay in jail is even worse. If you can’t post bail, you will have no other option but to stay in jail until your trial begins. The only way out is by posting bail. If you can’t afford to do so, you may want to use the services of a bail bondsman in Tempe, AZ today.

How a Bail Bondsman Can Help You

A bail bondsman is in right standing with the local courts, and the local courts respect his word. A bail bondsman can promise to pay full bail on your behalf in the event that you do not appear for your trial proceedings. This promise, a bond, costs a mere 10 to 15 percent of the total bail. The bondsman collects 10 to 15 percent for a nonrefundable fee.

How to Pay the Nonrefundable Bondsman’s Fee

Just like the bondsman offers a promise to the court, you can offer similar guarantees to the bondsman. If you don’t have the bondsman’s 10 to 15 percent in cash, you can use a credit card, a special payment plan (finance), collateral or a guarantor. Collateral is something of value that can serve as future payment. A guarantor is someone who co-signs your bail bond contract, agreeing to pay your full bail for you if you do not appear for trial proceedings. After securing his 10 to 15 percent, the bondsman files paperwork with the court. Processing times range from an hour to several hours.

Release times may happen as soon as the same day or within a few business days. Speak to a bail bondsman in Tempe, AZ, today through Sanctuary Bail Bonds, accessible online at