Here’s How to Know When to See an Audiologist

Are you experiencing problems with your ears? If so, it may be time to see an audiologist.

An audiologist is a doctor who specializes in ears and hearing. They can help you take better care of your ears and help you address any problem you may have with hearing, but also with other ear-related issues such as balance, sinus problems, and more.

Here are a few signs it may be time to contact your local ear doctor:

Hearing Loss

This is perhaps the most obvious and most common reason for seeing an audiologist. Most people who begin experiencing hearing loss will seek the services of a specialist since this is an issue that primary care doctors are not always comfortable addressing. An audiologist can help identify the root of the issue that is causing their hearing loss, as well as create a treatment plan for the patient to help them improve their quality of life.

Infections and Impactions

Impacted earwax and serious infections of the ear canal are both good reasons to see an audiologist. Both of these issues can cause lasting damage to the structures of the ear and eventually lead to hearing loss or other major problems.

Balance Issues, Vertigo, Ringing in the Ears

Tinnitus – also known as ringing in the ears – is a common problem which few people know how to address properly. Even primary care physicians often refer patients to a specialist for this problem. Likewise, vertigo is often treated by audiologists, since their unique understanding of the inner ear is crucial in the adequate treatment of balance-related conditions.

Many people don’t realize that these problems are even related to the ear, which is just one more reason why these specialists are an important part of the healthcare community. Their work not only helps patients directly, but spreads awareness of the relationship between proper ear care and better balance, better mental and physical health, and overall wellness.

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