Important Things to Know about Paintless Dent Repair in Colorado Springs

Does your car have some dents or dings you want to get rid of? Maybe it costs too much to take it to the body shop, and you do not want to attempt to do the work yourself. Paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs may be the solution to this kind of problem. Here are some good things to know about the process of PDR.

What is PDR?

To fix a dent conventionally, a body shop technician may need to drill holes or hammer on the metal. This damages the surface, and you usually need to repaint. If they cannot match the paint color, then the entire vehicle may need repainting. This is time and labor consuming, and the reason body shop work is often very costly.

PDR or paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs is an effective way to get rid of small to medium size dents without normal body shop work. The technician uses a tool which grabs the surface (using suction) and pulls the dent out. In some cases, the area may need heating first to make the process quicker and easier.


Paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs can save you a lot of money on auto bodywork. Some kinds of dents are removed in a matter of minutes. When a shop does not have to spend a lot of time and resources on work, it costs them much less so they can pass this savings on to the customer.

Common Fixes

Does your car have unsightly hail damage? In the past, it cost so much to repair hail damage that many cars got totaled by insurance companies. Today, many kinds of hail issues are quickly and easily taken care of. Some shops can have your car in and out on the same day.