Is It Time to Face Your Alcoholism? Three Signs You’re Ready

For some time now, you’ve wondered if you’re in control of the alcohol or if it’s in control of you. To some degree, you suspect that you’re not in control any longer. That means it’s time to seek some type of professional alcohol treatment. Here are three common signs that you need to make that call today.

You’re Tired of Not Knowing What Happened Last Night

There was a time when you could drink and remember exactly what took place. Lately, you wake up wondering how you got to wherever you happen to be and why you didn’t make it home. You remember nothing about the night before. Many people find this type of thing to be just frightening enough to seek professional help.

The Alcoholism is Creating Walls Between You and Your Loved Ones

Your problem is not easy to hide any longer. Assurances to your loved ones that you can handle the alcohol do not provide them with any solace. If anything, they see that you can’t handle it. That’s creating walls between you and the people that you love. Unless you want those walls to get higher, it’s time to find an alcohol treatment program that will help you learn to live without drinking.

You’re About to Lose Everything That Matters

While losing loved ones is hard enough, other aspects of your life are about to go away thanks to the alcohol consumption. Your job is at stake, owing to being late or not showing up at all. The fact that your performance while at work is not that great isn’t helping. Now is the time to admit you have a problem and seek alcohol treatment before it’s too late.

Are you ready to take control of your alcohol dependency? The team at El Paso Behavioral Health System can help. Call us today or visit us to learn more about the treatment options we offer. Together, we can work toward the day when you’re ready to face the world and keep the temptation to drink at bay.