Looking for “Blasting Media Suppliers Near Me”?

Whether you are part of a large commercial airline service or even a private plane owner, there are a lot of needs that should be considered for the aircraft. One of the most overlooked aspects can be the paint on the plane.

Paint plays an important role on most items, not only for the esthetics but the protection. Planes that look beat up and run down can give off the perception of lacking safety and care. But getting that paint off can be done quickly and easily with plastic blasting media.

Safe Use

Blasting media is a particle-sized abrasive that is blasted at high speeds. The abrasive works to get beneath the paint, stripping it from the plane part. These abrasives will mostly leave the surface below damage free, though there are some options that are a bit safer. The result is that you have a plane ready for a fresh coat of paint, giving it the look you want.

Blasting Media

If you are in the airplane business in any way and are responsible for maintenance, repair, or overhaul, you probably already knew that blast media is the most efficient and environmentally sound way to strip paint off an aircraft without damage the surface beneath. But are you getting the best quality product for the best price? It all starts by searching for “blasting media suppliers near me.” With this simple search, you can find the US manufacturers of plastic blast media that are preferred in the aviation industry and MIL-SPEC approved.