Making It Easier for Your Loved One to Get Adjusted to Not Living at Home

When it’s time for a family member to move to a senior facility instead of living at home, the process can be difficult for everyone involved. With the proper support and assistance, it can be a bit easier, especially if you begin planning well in advance of the move. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you need to move a family member into one of the senior living facilities in Palm Coast, FL.


Talk to other family members so that you have the emotional and physical help that is needed for moving your loved one to the new facility. Unless someone is going to live in the home once the person leaves, then you’re going to need to do something with all of the belongings that won’t go with the person to the facility. Try to get family and friends to make visits after your loved one is settled in the facility as this can be comforting.


Take a tour of senior living facilities in Palm Coast, FL, to get a better idea of how residents interact with each other and how the workers treat the residents. This is also a way for your family member to see what the rooms look like and where amenities are located, such as the dining area or a game room. Try to visit a few times so that your loved one sees familiar faces and gets to know the staff.

Keeping Belongings

Although there won’t be a lot of room to take everything, try to let your family member take as many personal belongings as possible. Ask if personal beds can be placed in the rooms or larger pieces of furniture so that it feels more like home. Take pictures, decorations, and other items that will make it feel as much like the person’s home as possible so that the adjustment is a little easier.

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