Muggy Bathroom? Three Signs You Need an Exhaust Fan in Woodside, NY

If you have an older home, your bathroom may lack an important feature. Exhaust ventilation fans didn’t become mainstream until three to four decades ago, but that tiny window in your bathroom isn’t enough to deal with the steam from daily hot showers. Watch out for these three signs that your bathroom needs an exhaust fan.

Foggy Mirrors

Do you always have to wipe off the bathroom mirror before you can shave or put on your makeup? Foggy mirrors are a sure sign that your bathroom is accumulating too much moisture, and installing an exhaust ventilation fan can make your mornings easier.

Wall and Ceiling Stains

If you have noticed stains on the walls or ceiling in your bathroom, moisture may be the culprit. Wet drywall can become stained from the minerals in your tap water or from the mold, mildew and bacteria that grows on damp surfaces.

Persistent Odors

Lingering bathroom smells can make your whole home unpleasant. Instead of covering up these foul odors with air freshener and candles, install an exhaust ventilation fan to remove the smells. A well-ventilated bathroom will make your family and guests far more comfortable in your home.

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