Oklahoma Pediatric Dentistry: When to Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit

The first visit to a dentist’s office is of utmost importance to your child. A positive first experience will keep your child looking forward to future dental appointments, while a negative first experience may make them loathe dental offices.

The Appropriate Age for a Child to See a Dentist

It would be best if you took your child for their first dental appointment when they are three years old. This is the age when baby teeth start coming out. Going for dental appointments at such an early age helps to spot dental problems before they become worse. Going to a pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow, OK, for the first appointment can be a stressful and fearful experience for the child.

Parents are encouraged to take their children to a dentist’s office as young as two years. The first appointment with the dentist will help the kid familiarize himself with the surroundings, thus reducing fear and anxiety. A pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow, OK, may also engage the kid in fun activities like riding in the dentist’s chair. By the time the child is taken for their first dental examination, they are already familiar with the dentist and the surroundings.

What to Expect During the First Appointment?

During the first appointment, the pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow, OK, will examine the child’s teeth and gums to ensure they are growing correctly. The dentist will then guide you on how to clean the child’s teeth and the best oral products for children.

Proper dental health is as vital for kids as it is for adults. At Kid’s Dental, we are here to give your child a friendly and gentle atmosphere during their dental appointments. Go to our website http://www.tulsakidsdental.com/ to schedule your child’s first dental appointment. You can also connect them on Facebook.