Omaha, NE, Pet Owners: Dog Sitting Makes Your Pup Healthier and Happier

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Pets and Pet Care

Dog sitting is a convenient service for pet owners who work during the day or need to go out of town. Pet sitting services offer several advantages over kennels and boarding facilities, and dog sitting for Omaha, NE, pooches makes them healthier and happier.

No Separation Anxiety

Even the most relaxed dog feels a sense of anxiety when you pull out your suitcase. Your pooch knows that you will return, but it’s the idea of not seeing you for days or even a few hours that can make your dog feel nervous. Dog sitters make these experiences fun and exciting for your pet.

Your Pup Feels Right at Home

Any change in environment can make your pet uncomfortable, even in places where pups play and interact. Dog sitting lets your furry friend feel right at home and comfortable. This is especially important for older dogs, puppies and dogs with certain disabilities.

The Center of Attention

Every dog loves to be the center of attention, but your schedule at home does not allow for you to spend every spare moment with your fur buddy. Dog sitters are there for one reason – to lavish your pooch with attention, and your dog loves being in the spotlight.

Where to Find Dog Sitting in Omaha, NE

Cottonwood Pet Resort offers dog sitting services for pups and their parents in Omaha. Call us today to learn more and schedule a dog sitter for your fur baby.

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