Outsource Your Legal Bookkeeping to Focus on Your Miami Law Practice

According to a recent survey, solo practitioners and small firm attorneys spend as much as 48% of their time on administrative details. This distraction eats into billable hours and revenue. The good news is that much of this work can be outsourced in a cost-effective way so that you can spend more time on the legal work that is the heart of your business.

An Accountant is not a Bookkeeper

You may need an accountant to analyze your financial records, but an analysis that’s based on incomplete records isn’t very useful. It is the bookkeeper who keeps detailed daily records, recording income, expenses, billing hours, and IOLTA deposits and withdrawals in support of your trust accounting services.

Now, you can outsource to a professional legal bookkeeping service in Miami.

Software is Only a Partial Solution

Software programs such as QuickBooks have made bookkeeping easier. But there is no substitute for an experienced legal bookkeeping professional who knows IOLTA accounts, can handle split billing, and is big on compliance.

Sometimes accounting software can be integrated with practice management software. However, learning and using multiple programs takes time away from work that directly benefits your clients. And the more complexity you add, the greater the opportunity for error. Why risk it?

Legal Bookkeeping Services

You need a specialist – a legal bookkeeping professional – to take care of daily financial records for you.

A legal bookkeeper has training and expertise that you do not have. Therefore, he or she is able to do this work much more cost-effectively than you can. And by outsourcing your legal bookkeeping to a professional legal support services company, you get three more benefits. One, you get the expertise you need without the expense of hiring permanent full-time staff. Two, you get an entire team of professionals who can support you whenever you need it. Three, you get the assurance that your books will be handled in strict confidence and security.

For more information about outsourcing legal bookkeeping in Miami, contact Legal Edge Services at www.legaledgeservices.com.