Reasons to Join a formal CCBA prep course

CCBA certification seekers often ask, ‘Why should I join a formal CBAP prep course?’.

The reasons why you should, are listed below-

#1. Large amount of free resources on CCBA are available online but unfortunately it is not possible to check their quality. And it is pointless to spend your time on verifying this information to find the right resource.

A formal course on the other hand is designed by mentors and coaches having knowledge of the CCBA certification. The experts create the course after great deliberation, keeping the exam pattern in mind and periodically review it.

In fact, IIBA strongly recommends undergoing proper training from an EEP under a seasoned CCBA coach/mentor. This increase the chances of passing in the first attempt.

#2. In a formal prep course, you have the advantage of a mentor who can answer your queries and resolve your doubts.

The mentor is an expert BA, usually one who is himself/herself CCBA certified.

The mentor provides great help in understanding BABoK, the sheer size of which makes understanding it without any faculty guidance very difficult.

#3. Another reason is that a formal CCBA prep course provides end to end support, right from the time of your form fill up to giving the exam. They form your support system throughout your preparation time.

Attending a formal course with an EEP will also give you the much-needed PD hours.

You also get tips and suggestions from past certified professionals which you can follow and improve your chances of succeeding in the first attempt.

#4. Preparing with a formal course gives the benefit of curated content like study-guide, question banks, exam simulators, etc. Learning time is reduced significantly as an instructor ensures participants pay attention to the course.

#5. Statistics prove that participants of a prep course have a tendency to adhere to the set study plan and thus have a higher chance of success.

We hope these reasons give you ample information and aid you in making an informed decision of joining a formal CCBA prep course. Click here for more details.