Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice lawsuits are extremely complex. To win a case for a client, a medical malpractice attorney in St Augustine needs to have a thorough understanding of the law, and how to apply it. He or she also needs to have considerable knowledge of the medical profession as well.

There is a lot to be done when pursuing a medical malpractice case. The attorney will have numerous papers to file with the court, and expert witnesses have to be arranged that will testify that the accused did err and it was this error that caused harm to the client. Defense lawyers hired by the insurance company will represent the doctor or other medical professionals; you too need to be represented by an excellent medical malpractice attorney.

Finding your attorney:
Some attorneys prefer to meet with a potential client in person, while others will first communicate over the phone. Regardless of how you first communicate with the attorney, be prepared to ask a few pertinent questions.

You will want to know:
• The number of similar cases the attorney has dealt with and what is his or her winning percentage
• What the estimated legal fee will be and how does the attorney charge for his or her professional services. How does the attorney charge; by the hour or will they take the case on a contingency fee basis?

During your initial consultation, the attorney will listen to your case. If the attorney shows no interest in representing you, do not hesitate to discuss the circumstances with another attorney. They will let you know if they believe you have a case. If the attorney sees merit in your case, follow-up meetings will be scheduled. A medical malpractice attorney in St Augustine will expect your full cooperation as the case proceeds, including your approval for him or her to access your medical records and other background information.

A medical malpractice case is extremely complex and the only way you are going to win is by hiring the best medical malpractice attorney in St Augustine. To discuss your case in detail, contact Canan Law.