There are various reasons why you might need eyelid surgery in Lincoln Park, Il. Some individuals will develop drooping upper eyelids as part of the natural aging process, but it is also possible to have an injury to the eye that causes this condition. You may also have ugly bags underneath the eyes, and with surgery for this condition, you can improve your facial appearance. When you are going to have surgery near the eyes, you will want a competent surgeon who understands the anatomy of the face and its nearby regions.

Eliminate Baggy Eyelids

Having extremely droopy eyelids can obscure your vision, making it difficult to drive a vehicle. While having this problem repaired with eyelid surgery in Lincoln Park, you will also want to have a pleasing appearance. A great surgeon will understand how to keep the eyelids functional and attractive at the same time. In addition, the surgeon will make sure that your eyelids match each other so that you won’t have an odd facial appearance. Before you have any type of eyelid surgery, a surgeon can use computer software to help you see how you will look after the procedure is completed.

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You will need anesthesia for eyelid surgery in Lincoln Park, and the surgeon will make one or more tiny incisions to remove or adjust tissues in the upper or lower eyelids. After the surgery ends, you will need several weeks of recovery time because your face will swell. You will also have bruising on the eyelids or the surrounding tissues, and your vision may seem blurry during this time. It is possible to have absorbable or removable stitches, and you must return to your surgeon for aftercare. Contact Adam J. Cohen, M.D. at