Repairable Salvage Trucks for Sale at X2Builders

What if I tell you you can get a great truck for practically half the price, would you believe me?

Well, there’s a way you can do that. If not half the price, you might at least get one close to it because of their special condition.

Think about it. If you’re not getting a truck brand new from the lot, you’ve just saved yourself 10% to 30% right off the bat. The price range of a second hand, used truck would be slightly lower than that. Well, this one is even lower because what you’re getting is from an inventory of repairable salvage trucks for sale.

And, yes, we at X2Builders actually provide them for our market that spans all over the world. People really see the value in these repairable salvage trucks for sale from our website.

Just check us out online and peruse our inventory of trucks from Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado to RAM, GMC Sierra or Canyon or Yukon and so much more.

These trucks often get a portion of their body and fender warped and taken out but these are replaceable. The engines are often still workable. Yes, they do need work but the cost is minimal compared to the gain you get from getting a practically new car with just 1,500 to 30,000 miles of road use.

Our inventory changes every single week with so many of our customers all over the world wanting them. We certainly can ship them to you.