Safety Inspection Requirements

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Automotive

It is important to maintain the safety of your vehicle on the road to help prevent break-downs and accidents. Car Inspection in New Jersey is relatively easy to comply with, as the rules are straightforward. The main component of most car inspections is the emissions inspection. Your vehicle will need to be inspected once every two years unless purchased new in which case you will need an inspection after five years. Note that there is a window of time to have your car inspected which is the two-month time frame before the last inspection’s expiration date. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission maintains a list of requirements to have a successful inspection at There are also some approved facilities in New Jersey to have your Car Inspection whether at a state agency or a private inspection station. State agencies do not charge a fee for the safety inspection while the private locations set their fees.

If you are new to the state, you must have your vehicle inspected within 14 days of registration, unless it is listed as exempt on the DMV website. Common exemptions are for new vehicles or electric cars.

When you appear for your inspection make sure you carry the following items:

Your Driver’s license
Your Vehicle registration
Proof of insurance in NJ
Fee Payment

If your vehicle fails to pass the safety inspection, please keep in mind that you will have an allotted window to have repairs made. You will be informed of the car’s problems and needed repairs. You are permitted to either make the repairs yourself or have them completed by a state-approved Emission Repair Facility.

Also note that some vehicles require full safety car inspections in New Jersey, particularly taxis and buses, on an annual basis and the exact requirements for those inspections should be reviewed and followed from the DMV website.

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