Save Time on Cleaning Tile Floors with The Barwalt Ultra Grouting System

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Tiles

If there’s one thing that takes forever when dealing with a tile floor, it has to be cleaning it to a sparkling shine. Most grouting systems take far too long and use more energy than is necessary to get the job done. Simplify the process of cleaning your tile floors with the Barwalt Ultra Grouting System. You can save anywhere from 30-50% more time when using the Barwalt system than any other grout cleaning system on the market.

How Does It Work?

The Barwalt Ultra Grouting System is the best on the market, which is evident in its thoughtfully appointed design. The bucket is on wheels so it can be easily moved along the floor as you work, and the cleaning sponges use deep slits to hold on to more sediment while scrubbing the tile and grout. When you’re ready to clean the sponge, you won’t have to suffer through endless squeezing and hand cramps ever again because the Barwalt system uses grated rollers to quickly clean any debris from the sponge, so you waste less time cleaning the sponge.

Shop A Comprehensive Collection of Tools and Equipment

Whether you’re looking at starting a new tile project or stocking up on your favorite tile cleaning products, this family-owned operation offers all the tools you need to start the job and finish it without having to call in a professional. From leveling systems to tile saws, you’ll find it all from the comfort of your own home when you shop their collection of tools online.

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