Setting the Record Straight about Bail Bonds in Norman, Oklahoma

Jail, prison, and the United States criminal justice system aren’t fun to think about. Further, since most people don’t end up in jail – not even once – bail bonds aren’t a common topic of discussion. For these reasons, many misconceptions about what a bail bondsman in Norman, OK, can do exist.

Misconception – Bail Bondsmen Can’t Be Trusted

Due to the overactivity of the United States’ criminal justice system and various other stigmas, people generally think that bail bondsmen are shady or untrustworthy. In actuality, the entirety of their operations are performed above ground, leaving no opportunity for shady behavior. Further, since the industry is regulated by the state of Oklahoma, there’s much less opportunity for shady activity.

Bounty Hunters and Bail Bondsmen Are Synonymous

Bail bondsmen sometimes do,in fact, provide bounty hunting services. However, many bail bondsmen are strictly that – bail bondsmen and nothing else.

Bail Bondsmen Make Society More Dangerous

Since bail bondsmen release criminals from jail, they must make society more dangerous, right? False. In actuality, nobody can be considered a criminal unless a judge or jury has exhausted the legal process and have, in fact, been charged with crimes they’ve been accused of. In many countries, accused criminals aren’t jailed leading up to their trial – believe it or not, the commercial bail bonding system is only prevalent in the Philippines and the United States.

We Thoroughly Understand Bail Bonding

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