Showering Your Bathroom With Tiles That Bring a Creative Design

The shower is an area of the bathroom that is sometimes ignored when you decorate or when you renovate the room. Adding a few colorful tiles to the shower wall can enhance the appearance and can often make it seem a bit more spacious. There are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re choosing shower tile in Maricopa County so that you achieve the best design possible.

Go With the Flow

If there are curved areas in the shower, then use smaller tiles so that it’s a bit easier to navigate along the design. Larger tiles are harder to place along a curved background and might have to be cut down to a smaller size anyway. When you use smaller tiles, they can deliver a flowing appearance that blends with the curve.

How It Feels

Consider the feeling that you’ll get when you stand on the tiles or when you sit on them if there’s a seat in the shower. Larger tiles are often more comfortable for both situations because you won’t have the multiple crevices that you would have when using smaller tiles. If there’s a seat in your shower, then consider tiles that are curved so that they will be more comfortable.

Attention to Detail

Bring attention to multiple areas in the bathroom by using one type of tile in the shower and another type of tile on the other walls in the room. Intricate design features should be reserved for the tiles that are used in the shower. These fine details can then blend with the decorations and other features in the room while you use larger tiles on the other walls. When you’re looking for shower tile in Maricopa County, try to get colors that are in the same family so that they blend together. If you want to use contrasting colors, then use one as a border and the other as an interior design.

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