Spice it Up – The Ideal Place to Acquire a College Student Apartment

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Student Housing Center

If you want to add a bit of spice to your college experience, set your sights on Lafayette. There are no risks because any school in this area will be a safe bet.

Why Lafayette

There are two particular reasons why Lafayette stands out as one of the best cities in Cajun County for a college student. In Lafayette, you’ll have access to fantastic dishes during lunch and dinner hours and a variety of locations where you can unwind and have fun during your downtime.

The Food

Food fuels the mind, so eating tasty cuisine can make a difference during anyone’s academic journey. In Lafayette, food is the main attraction; most dishes that are served in this city will have a southern twist with bold Cajun or Creole spices.

When you’re done studying in Lafayette, you can chow down on a bowl of spicy Cajun gumbo with chicken and sausage for lunch, or you could treat yourself to a plate of creole chicken and shrimp Jambalaya with a buttery slice of garlic bread. These are some of the many Cajun and Creole dishes that you can try during your time in Lafayette.

The Fun

When you have a full day off, every hour will be an adventure in Lafayette. You could visit a jazz club and listen to a jazz band, attend a parade during Mardi Gras season, and more.

College Student Apartments in Lafayette, LA – How to Let the Good Times Roll

If you’re ready to spice it up in the wonderful state of Louisiana, you’ll need housing. There is a great way to scout college student apartments in Lafayette, LA; just turn to University Housing of Acadiana by visiting www.uhacadiana.com.

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