Stabilize the Swing Set in Your Flemington, NJ with Leveling Blocks

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Home Improvement

Setting up a heavy-duty play area for your children can be challenging. You want to give them a soft surface to play on, but you don’t want the play set to sink into the soil during wet months. When figuring out how do I keep my swing set from sinking, rubber stabilization blocks can help.

Safer than Concrete

A swing set that is heavy enough to be stable doesn’t need concrete footings. This will also save you the hassle of digging holes, mixing cement and waiting for it to cure. Even better, because rubber stabilization blocks are available in different heights, you can use them to compensate for dips and bumps in your yard. If you’re trying to figure out how do I keep my swing set from sinking and how do I keep it level, you have many options to make the whole process easier.

Angles Available As Well

If you have a redwood swing set for your children, the ends of the legs may be angled. You can get leveling blocks to hold these angles firmly and keep the play set from poking holes in the sod. You can also use these blocks for redwood swings and other rustic features to beautify your yard.

When these angles dig into the soil, they can put stress on the wooden joints at the top of the swing set. By supporting the angles and keeping them stable, you’ll get more years out of the unit.

A secure and stable play set will allow your little ones a safe, fun place to get some fresh air. Check out leveling blocks and many other tools from LevelDry on their website,

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