Systematic Investment Plan Calculator – How does it help you maximize your investment?

The systematic investment plan is regarded as a balanced investment. Among the various reasons for considering investment in SIP one of the primary objective is the reduced market risks that it involves as compared to other equity investments. The SIP also pays off higher returns over the years and guarantees substantial growth in investments. Once an investor decides to invest in SIP, he can use a Systematic Investment Plan Calculator which is available online, and most of the fund houses provide it. Using it the investor can compute the actual value of the investment amount after a selected period.

The investor has to provide information on the amount to be invested, the period of investment and the rate of return. It shall give you an estimate of the amount you need to invest in the total earnings accrued throughout investment. Using the Systematic Investment Plan Calculator, you can maximize your investments because:

  • It is available for free and can help explore the different options concerning the amount of monthly investment by modifying the variables in the calculator.

  • It provides the output accounted after evaluating the possible rate on inflation and capital gains tax.

  • It is a quick process to derive the estimated returns that would accrue against the monthly investments. It helps the investors to make investment plans to meet their long-term financial goals.

  • The estimated returns are calculated based on the investment style that you opt for.

  • The interface is user-friendly and requires minimum details such as the investor’s monthly investments, the tenure of investment and the rate of return on the invested fund.

  • It considers your risk profile and suggests options accordingly.

  • It provides projected values for investments made at regular intervals within the stipulated time frame.

  • As it is available online, it is a beneficial tool for investors to invest in a cost-effective way.

  • It allows even the first time investors to understand every nook and cranny of SIP investments easily.

  • It provides you the facility of using the lump sum calculator which helps in knowing the maturity amount of one-time investments made by the investors. Click here for more information.