Termite Treatment in Peachtree City GA: It’s Important

To understand what termites can do to a home, it will probably help to understand a bit more about the pest than “it eats wood.” First of all, termites live in the ground – they are considered subterranean. Lately, as more attention is focused on this tiny pest, experts have found extensive damage to residential and commercial property in temperate climates as well as warm climates.

A few factors lead to this increased damage. Some of the chemicals in the ground once used for other purposes have been strictly regulated or removed from the market. The increased use of softer woods for construction makes it easier for termites to find what they are looking for.
Sometimes the steps people take to make things better, like feeding and watering the lawn, result in better conditions for the termites. This is where termite treatment by a professional in the field can make all the difference.

Termite Damage = High Expense

Using years of records that follow damage to homes and buildings, studies have found that termites are responsible for more damage, in real money, than many of the headline-making disasters such as floods, fire and storms of different types. These studies have also found that infestation is particularly dense in urban areas, for what may seem to be obvious reasons: there is more for the pests to feast on.

One way that a termite professional can help is to identify conditions in and around buildings that encourage the growth of colonies. That may be the best reason to take some time in finding termite treatment in Peachtree City GA. An experienced person will note if moisture buildup due to leaking pipes, damaged gutters or other issues is encouraging termites to colonize.

A Bit More About This Tiny Animal

Like many colonizing insects, termites have strict division of tasks. A worker termite is the one that digests wood using special protozoa. The food is then passed on to others in the colony, which is usually close to structures. Workers then tunnel to the building and begin their work. These pests are not ants. In fact, they are more closely related to the cockroach.

If termites are found in a building, they should not be disturbed. It is much better to call in a company that knows exactly how to deal with the specific conditions uncovered. A specialist will use a few different methods of termite treatment to correctly deal with each situation, including monitoring and baiting.

If termite treatment seems to be the course to take, based on what you see, make the call to an expert who can help. Even if you are not concerned about this pest, it is still advisable to have a thorough inspection.