The benefits of using Private Label skincare products

Human skin absorbs whatever is applied to it, from skincare like moisturizers right through to cosmetics such as foundation and fake tan. Moreover, many women in Britain today have more elaborate beauty routines than in the past, applying numerous creams, serums and oils to their faces and bodies on a daily basis. So why is it that so few of us actually consider the ingredients of the skincare products we apply? And why are not more of us using Private Label skincare products?

Bionsen, a natural deodrant company, conducted research in 2009 to demonstrate an alarming 515 chemicals to which women daily expose themselves with their cosmetic routine. These can include petrochemicals and parabens (used to prolong the shelf life of products) which have been linked to cancers and compromised fertility. And to illustrate the extent to which we are absorbing these formulas, the average woman ingests 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, according to the American Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. That’s a lot of lipstick when you think how little you apply at one time.

Natural skincare draws on nature’s laboratory rather than chemicals mixed and formulated in clinical labs. With careful research into the ingredients added to Private Label skincare products, and how each of these will benefit your skin type, it’s possible to find a natural skincare solution that is tailored to your skin’s needs and as effective as any chemical formulation. With natural skincare you get all the benefits of any other skincare routine without some of the worrying, sometimes dramatic, side effects.

Private Label skincare provides the benefit of transparency, which you wouldn’t get using a chemically-enhanced cream from a multinational cosmetics company. We all know what lavender and vitamin A are, for example, and many people are informed about their benefits. But could you really say the same about methylparaben or benzaldehyde? These are in body lotion and perfume respectively and are linked to hormone and kidney damage. Private Label skincare products are not only highly effective, but the familiarity of their naturally occurring ingredients offers peace of mind.

Private Label skincare products have sometimes been accused of being more expensive than entry level skincare available on the high street. But given that the skin acts more as a sponge than a shield, thirstily absorbing whatever you apply to it, natural skincare is arguably an investment worth making.

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