The Female Cannabis Brand with Exclusive Apparel and Accessories

The modern woman is unashamed of the choices she makes. She knows she does not have to answer to anyone other than herself, and she has the confidence now to break out of the social norms and become a role model instead of a stereotype. The modern woman is a hero. The modern woman is independent. The modern woman is a smoker. She can now smoke with confidence and the bling to outshine any ridicule she once was burdened with. The modern woman no longer has to worry about hiding her smoke or pretending to fit the mold. The modern woman now has her own mold with SmokinPretty products.

This is a female brand with exclusive apparel and accessories geared to make any woman feel pretty while smoking. This company is breaking out of the stereotypes and creating its own way by building a movement of events and confidence in the cannabis industry. It is giving a free pass, a window for women to step up and show the world who they really are without shame. These handcrafted, customized accessories, the perfect stoner gifts for her, are made with the finest materials with precise attention to detail to provide each customer with a well-crafted, high-quality product.

Their products range from face masks, car ashtrays, prerolled cases, refillable torch lighters to glitter stash jars that can hold up to 12 ounces, rolling trays, bling grinders, bling bong pens for smoking, and a smoker’s box for stoner gifts for her. To give up your shame and feel the true independence and enjoyment of being a female smoker, will show you everything you didn’t know you needed.